Have a look at this beach shelter with the power to evoke the splendor of endless sea waters! 

Cocoon Beach was developed by the team at Coccon Tree and consists of a spherical retreat made up of an aluminum structure and covered with straw-colored synthetic wire.

Privacy is ensured by two sets of curtains which the users can adapt to their shading needs. With a diameter of 7.2 feet/2.2 meters and a weight of 264.5 lbs/120 kg, it is clear that this item of luxury was based on the concept of ultimate relaxation, no matter what the “costs”. Despite its impressive dimensions, the spherical shelter can be easily repositioned throughout the day, in order to make the most of each sun bathing session. The price tag for cuddling on the beach in an original looking “cocoon”? $8000. Think the experience is worth it?

Author: Miodrag Arula

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