Unique wooden faucets for your bathroom

Green Home Design, a company from Poland, is the first and only producer of wooden bathroom faucets in the whole world…

They’ve created a designer solution with incredible aesthetical and functional values. Their products are unique in the whole world, beautiful and reliable, hand-crafted with bespoke precision, texture and wood color. Also, their faucets are very robust and resilient to all outside influences.

In this collection, Green Home Design had presented faucets made of four types of wood – European Oak, American Walnut, African Mahogany and black-and-white ebony. Still, the clients have the option of personalizing the faucets to their specific wishes and style, because this brand has almost 100 kinds of wood in its offering.

This brands’ philosophy and their style are characterized with functional beauty which is combined with nature. While working on their products, people from this brand thoroughly and industriously analyze each detail, so that every product which goes out from their workshops is perfect.

As they say, the products they create won’t just please you at the moment of purchase, but in the years which are yet to come, because they will satisfy all your needs, whether we’re talking about functionality or aesthetics.

Before they begin their production, each piece of wood is subjected to specialized drying techniques, in order to insure the durability of their products. The form and shape of their faucets remains unchanged even after many years of use.

After that, they use a unique system and impregnation technology, which is otherwise used in yachting industry, so their wood becomes completely water-resistant. Also, it has a resistance to all mechanical and chemical factors.

Thanks to many years of experience and numerous tests, the final product is coated with a waterproof and multi-layered varnish, which makes it easy to clean and perfectly accentuates the natural beauty of the wood.


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