Venice - elegant bathtub inspired by the famous Italian city

Inspired by famous canals and the long narrow shape of the most popular boats, the new free-standing bathtub Venice is a celebration of the city of the same name, where the Kreoo brand was born.

Venice represents an essential, winding and linear oval shape, where the material emphasizes its sculptural beauty: a choice of marble with pronounced veins, such as Calacatta Classico or Grigio St. Marie, symbolize the irregular network of Venetian canals, transferred to the stone surface.

The fine edge (which never exceeds 2 cm thick) gives lightness and delicately outlines wide and comfortable ergonomics, which harmoniously envelops the body as it floats in the water. The bathtub is carved from one block of solid marble, it is sculpted with precision and fine technique. At the beginning of the rough shape, it was processed with high-tech machines, and then it was hand-finished by experienced Italian craftsmen. The waste is reused in the production chain to increase the usefulness of each block.

Born as the work of Kreoo's internal design team and in response to the demand for a simple and elegant bathtub, the purpose of the Venice model is to enhance the uniqueness of the material and its endless nuances, moving through the spaces of modern living.


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