Wabi - luxurious bed which thrills us with its innate beauty

Wabi is a word that celebrates the pleasure of simplicity and beauty, which are innate in the natural imperfections of the world around us…

And while on various social networks, we constantly encounter posts from people who want to convince us of the attractiveness of their perfection in one way or another, Wabi philosophy teaches us to rediscover the beauty of intuitive and spontaneous creation. With that in mind, we are delighted with the new bed whose design is signed by Alain Gilles for Saba Italia, because of the more than obvious imperfections that he combines in one harmonious gesture, i.e., the sculptural architecture of its feet and the gentle contrast of its headboard.

The bed received an oval, wooden headboard, which is upholstered with polyurethane foam for extra comfort, while in its central part it has soft inserts, which play the role of a functional and pleasant back rest.

The bed frame consists of an extended perimeter that immediately attracts attention with its imposing volume. The base of the bed is made of wooden boards, and as the main support, it received solid ash feet, which are either bleached or painted with a natural chestnut colour or a black shade. A moment that can be described as strange in the design of this bed is the possibility of placing the feet in an external vertical position in line with the bed frame or horizontally inside the frame itself.

The bed upholstery can be completely removed, which is an interesting convenience, which is accentuated by the stitched details along the perimeter of the headboard and bed frame. In the end, it remains for us to say that this bed is available with 153 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm and 193 cm wide bases, and we are sure that, thanks to its unusual appearance, it will become an instant favourite of fans of design, functionality and comfort.

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