Ghanta Lounge - Sofa with a Rounded Shape for Elegant Interiors


Ghanta Lounge is a sofa that exudes elegance and sophistication, designed by Gino Carollo.

With its fluid and gentle lines, this sofa represents the perfect blend of organic shapes and painted metal legs, providing a sophisticated atmosphere. This piece of furniture is characterized by a rounded backrest that gently embraces the long cushion and upholstered seat, resulting in a sofa with compact volumes and no sharp edges. Due to its design, rounded on all sides, it can be placed in the center of a room.

Ghanta Lounge is ideal in both shape and size for use in business spaces, but it is also an excellent solution for complementing certain areas of a home, such as secondary living rooms.

This sofa offers a wide range of customization options. There are endless color combinations between the metal legs and the upholstery, resulting in a design that meets every need. For Ghanta Lounge, it is possible to choose from six types of fabrics in various colors and more than 15 shades for the color of the metal base.

Ghanta Lounge completes the already extensive Ghanta collection, which includes chairs, armchairs, ottomans, and bar stools. With Ghanta Lounge, Ronda Design's journey of exploration continues, constantly expanding its product and service offerings, all completely "Made in Italy," focusing on innovative design, maximum freedom of expression for users, and high-quality materials. The company is particularly dedicated to researching new recycled or recyclable materials that can be easily separated by consumers for easier collection for recycling, as well as promoting green awareness even in everyday business life.

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