Penthouse with a Magnificent Terrace and Custom Furniture Following the Golden Ratio

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This penthouse has been renovated and decorated so that its entire interior is oriented towards the greenery, thus blurring the boundary between indoor and outdoor spaces.

As a project by Lorenzo & Luigi, L2 Studio, this design is synthesized in the oxymoron "enter outside," meaning, in other words, favoring the view towards the greenery, visually lowering the threshold between the interior and the exterior.

In a building located in the province of Bergamo, L2 Studio revisits the design of the loft, whose width opens onto a large terrace overlooking the forest. The terrace thus becomes the project's anchor: bringing the outside in, characterizing the space starting from this natural setting and the colors it suggests.

Custom furniture progresses along the length of the apartment, marking the space with a rhythm based on the golden ratio, which repeats longitudinally but varies in the heights of the doors characterized by two different finishes: concrete and wood with vertical slats. The sequence of furniture elements evolves discreetly: the TV zone, a niche painted in gold hiding the entrance to the sleeping area, and finally a series of service cabinets.

In the middle of the room, a monolithic kitchen island covered with "Laminam Emperador" ceramic dialogues with the terrace as its shades can be seen through the large glass window. The interior flooring also adopts the beige tones from the exterior.

The bathrooms are designed to be spacious and standalone, while the bedroom offers a minimalist look with a cozy effect thanks to the shadows created by the textured concrete effect of Rondine ceramics on the main wall.

The terrace seamlessly extends into the kitchen space that spans the panorama, allowing you to enjoy the surrounding landscape. Custom lighting design and the choice of fixtures contribute to highlighting the chromatic contrasts of different textures and reflecting the modules that follow the same rhythm. The only element that stands out is the chandelier in the dining area, which enhances and identifies this space with its play of light.

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