Maison des agrumes: Abimis creation for a villa in the heart of Caserta

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A 19th-century villa, which recently underwent significant renovation by the architectural collective AU40, has been named "Maison des Agrumes" and transformed into an oasis of peace in the midst of the historic center of Caserta...

The project is layered, resulting from the restoration of the main floor and attic and the construction of a new architectural structure on the ground floor. The result is an L-shape where the rooms follow one another in a continuous flow, and the interior and exterior spaces seamlessly intertwine.

The interior is defined by neutral and bright colors, filled with decorative accessories in materials and industrial-inspired finishes such as leather, engraved metal, and steel, which live in harmony with more traditional furniture. The arched ceiling and wide arched openings towards the inner courtyard, inherited from the 19th-century complex's history, define the open space for the living room and kitchen and accompany the courtyard with a pergola used as a relaxation corner, paved with rough travertine from Rapolano in harmony with the interiors. In the end, the view extends to a private garden protected by vegetation and completed with a pool, sunbathing area, and a secluded shower area made of the same stone.

The Mediterranean resonances of architecture, finishes, and colors combine with the classic details of the villa and contemporary interior choices that deliberately mark a new era. "In this timeless environment, the steel kitchen emerges like a spaceship, representing a strong contrast," comments Giovanni Maria Santonikola, one of the founders of the AU40 collective, who continues by saying: "The Ego island model from Abimis brand, located in the center of the kitchen, is the center of washing and preparation activities, reflecting the lights and shadows that the arches create during the day."

The Ego line from Abimis brand, designed by Alberto Torselo, stands out in the large open space with its rounded forms and significant dimensions, becoming a reference point in the room, a module that shapes the surrounding space. Ego is structured into two main blocks, both made of brushed steel with handles in the same finish. The first is created in the form of an island has a double sink and a large work surface for preparation and serving. The second is mounted on the wall with a single sink, double burners integrated into the work surface, an extractor hood, and double cabinets at the ends. The wide possibility of customizing the dimensions of the blocks, finishes, and equipment offered by Abimis allows the development of kitchen and operational blocks that meet the needs of design, use, and enjoyment of the environment.

Made of AISI 304 steel, immutable, hygienic, durable, and suitable for contact with food, Ego is a solution with a strong professional imprint found in certain details and configurations, such as work surfaces without joints for improved hygiene and ease of cleaning; raised edges resistant to spills; large-capacity pull-out work surfaces that can be configured with both internal and open compartments for maximum functionality and optimal space management; refrigerators for storage; warming drawers for dishes; and separate waste disposal with temperature control.

Abimis, with its 'genetics' based on AISI 304 steel, is characterized by its appearance softened by bright and sinuous details and precious handcrafted finishes. Abimis has been based on this material since 2013 when it began creating kitchens dedicated to the household, but with all the tools, technologies, and rules of professional catering. Steel is thus reinterpreted into a new aesthetic code - elegant and distinctive - which carries the name Ego, the symbolic model of the brand with fully customizable features. Abimis has experienced rapid internationalization in just a few years and is now present in all global markets, from the United States to the Middle East, Europe, and the Far East, valued and chosen for its outstanding products.

This description vividly illustrates how functionality meets luxury in the heart of Caserta, where Maison des Agrumes proudly stands as an example of perfect symbiosis of old and new, traditional and modern, where Abimis not only provides functional solutions but also transforms the space, giving it a new dimension of luxury and sophistication.

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