KENNETHCOBONPUE: Versatile Sofas for Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

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More photos

The KENNETHCOBONPUE collections come to life through imagination and expert craftsmanship, transforming materials into exquisite textures.

Originally designed for outdoor spaces, these sofas can also be seamlessly integrated into indoor settings by utilizing different materials. The brand, based in Cebu, Philippines, is instantly recognizable thanks to its characteristic interplay of solids and voids, achieved through generous and well-crafted shapes. Each piece effortlessly harmonizes with its surroundings, whether in residential or contract environments, inviting you to unwind and enjoy a cozy and original retreat.

Among the iconic sofas designed for both indoor and outdoor use are the following:

Balou Sofa and Loveseat, designed by Kenneth Cobonpue: With its round and plump form, the Balou sofa exudes comfort. Its transparent design gives the illusion of sitting on air, offering a fresh reinterpretation of a classic sofa. Materials used include abaca, rattan, nylon, and steel for indoor use, and polyethylene and steel for outdoor use.

Croissant Sofa, designed by Kenneth Cobonpue: This collection's distinctive shape encourages a leisurely posture, with low arms beckoning you to recline upon them. Gentle, rounded forms enhance the seat, which is made even more comfortable by plush cushions. The materials utilized are abaca for indoor use and polimero for outdoor use.

Forma Daybed and Loveseat, designed by Federica Capitani: Featuring sleek and asymmetrical shapes, this rattan collection designed by Federica Capitani includes two sofas: the Loveseat for indoor use and the Daybed for outdoor use. Forma's slanted and asymmetrical design enhances its relaxing ambiance, evoking a sense of vacation. It wraps around the body, providing a comforting embrace. The simple yet sinuous decorations draw inspiration from basketball and conical wicker baskets, reinventing tradition with contemporary shapes and proportions. The Loveseat is crafted with rattan for indoor use, while the Daybed combines polyethylene and steel for outdoor durability.

Matilda Sofa, designed by Kenneth Cobonpue: Matilda showcases richness in its sturdy form and invigorating surfaces. The rattan weave complements the robust shapes, evoking a sense of fullness throughout the collection. Resembling molded baskets, this collection highlights the beauty and durability of rattan through various processes. Materials used include rattan for indoor use and polyethylene and aluminum for outdoor durability.

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