Light as Art: Glass Design Introduces a New Dimension with the Light Emotion Collection

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More photos

For the first time, Glass Design introduces light as a creative expression to elevate and further embellish its exquisite collections made from fine materials such as crystal and onyx.

The result is both fascinating and intense, allowing the product to transcend mere functionality and become a true work of art, whose uniqueness and beauty are highlighted and exalted by the infusion of light.

The transparency of crystal and onyx allows light to be spectacularly captured and reflected, emphasizing the material, detail, and craftsmanship.

Light Emotion is a new concept, a new identity that Glass Design assigns to all collections where the incorporation of light is a defining characteristic. Carefully hand-cut diamond patterns of the VILLA XL crystal basin create an exciting and glorious effect when illuminated by a light source within the base.

Made from crystal and hand-cut with various accents, the models RAMADA, ICE ROUND, and ICE OVAL XL offer illumination from an elegant mounting ring set in the base, thereby enhanced by the light.

The ONYX Light basin, featuring an onyx base with sides of transparent blown glass, is illuminated from beneath the onyx itself. Given its naturally transparent material, the effect is both dramatic and delicate, creating a strong focal point in any setting.

The beauty and majesty of light are also evident in the new series of faucets, CRYSTAL WATER TOWER. With elegant cylindrical bodies in three different patterns of hand-cut crystal combined with metal bases and spouts in various finishes, the optional illuminated version transforms each use into a unique and sensory experience.

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