Living in Black and White with Bonaldo Pieces

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In the B/Style catalog, Bonaldo proposes several settings, each capable of fully expressing the overall vision that constitutes the essence: products by different designers but united by the brand's style, expertly paired to form a strong thread of identity between spaces.

Living in Black and White is the name Bonaldo has chosen for one of these settings. It is a villa characterized by large windows that create a strong link between the interior and exterior, a landscape of great beauty and serenity, with a lake surrounded by green hills.

Living in Black and White is an elegant and timeless environment. Black and white emerge in contrast, finding their place in the neutral tones of gray. These colors differ profoundly from the exterior colors, toward which the windows open with an unobstructed view: thanks to this contrast, the beauty of both environments, the interior and the surrounding nature, comes fully to the fore. The profound sense of Bonaldo's B/Style brand is particularly evident here: the furniture pieces are not a simple collection of parts but different tones of the same melody, which in this case also extends to the environment in which the villa is located.

MAXIMILIAN Sofa, design by Sergio Bicego

The Maximilian sofa is characterized by its refined aesthetics and iconic character. It is a modular collection of elements that offer various configuration possibilities, useful for designing relaxation spaces in both residential and business environments. In addition to the abundant padding contrasting with the slender metal legs, attention is drawn to the attractive stitching on the upholstery that embellishes the backrest and seat, reminiscent of the typical elegance of the 1950s. Completing the Maximilian collection for perfect aesthetics and functionality are leather accessories such as armrests, magazine holders, and coffee tables, which are characteristic elements of a versatile, elegant, and discreet design. The extraordinarily wide range of elements, materials, and finishes is one of the distinguishing features of the entire Bonaldo collection and is also a significant factor for the Maximilian sofa, capable of fully satisfying various design requirements.

PIVOT Table, design by Marconato & Zappa

The table is named after the unusual shape of the base: the central leg of the table acts as a support for three legs that extend from the sides. The result is an asymmetric and highly original combination that attracts attention in the room. The legs are made of solid wood, while the top is available in marble, wood, glass, and ceramic, in both round and rounded-edge versions.

AGEA Chair, design by Marconato & Zappa

A chair with a monolithic design: Agea, designed by Marconato & Zappa, is characterized by striking legs rooted in the ground, as if leaving their mark in the space where they are placed. The legs support the padded body like two buttresses, giving the seat stability, charm, and an essential nature. The backrest, seat, and legs are covered in a single leather, eco-leather, or fabric material, reinforcing the image of the Agea chair.

DOGMA Bookshelves, design by Alain Gilles

The Dogma bookshelves are an expression of a design language pushed to the limit. The idea of playing with shapes and juxtaposing different modules to create a variety of visual effects lies behind this concept. Dogma bookshelves are designed around a basic element, namely, drop-shaped uprights that change visual perception. The design thus becomes rounded and soft or sharper and narrower depending on the angle from which it is viewed. Dogma has three modules that can be combined as desired, which have different spacings between the uprights and allow you to create different compositions when placed together. Dogma bookshelves can be placed along a wall or freestanding in the center of the room, acting as a partition between two areas.

SLEEK Armchair, design by Mauro Lipparini

Sleek, which smoothly relates to the surrounding space, represents a new idea of comfort and visual appeal, able to dynamically interpret the needs of those who sit on it. The shape of this armchair, designed by Mauro Lipparini, with discreet cuts and harmonious geometries, recalls the nostalgic spirit of Italian mid-century modernism. The combined seat-backrest sits on a metal structure with an aesthetically light design, both in the version with a central leg and with four legs.

PISA Coffee Tables, design by Mauro Lipparini

Geometric purity and formal simplicity characterize the Pisa collection of coffee tables, designed by Mauro Lipparini. They are available either in a single-block version with a recessed top or in a version with a hat-like top, while their key feature is the angle of the base, which leans diagonally like the famous tower after which they are named. Metal, used for the base, is the common thread running through the collection: the coffee table assumes its own identity depending on the material used for the top, available in ceramic, glass, marble, or in metal in the same finish as the base.

SOFÌ Lamps, design by Studio Team Design

The Sofì lamp collection pays tribute to the ancient art of glassblowing: a reference to the artisanal Venetian tradition kept alive by master glassworkers for centuries. The key element of Sofì is the borosilicate glass sphere, featuring a warm amber-colored finish and paired with burnished brass cylindrical fittings. The collection includes various models: a ceiling lamp with a metallic structure featuring 7 or 10 spheres, a suspension lamp with 1, 5, or 7 spheres, a floor lamp, two table lamps (a smaller one without glass spheres and a taller one with a glass sphere), and a wall lamp.

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