Luxury Children's Room: A Timeless Story

Aiming to create a fairy tale where time stands still and magic happens, David Charette, founder and principal designer of Britto Charette, teamed up with CIRCU Magical Furniture to craft a space that unlocks children's imaginations and encourages them to dream and write their own adventure stories...

As a passionate traveler, David Charette believes that travel can serve as great inspiration for everyone, especially children. He used CIRCU products, along with pieces from Covet House and some of his favorite suppliers, to create luxurious children's room designs that embody glamour, magic, and the sense of wonder that travel experiences bring.

Sleeping Area: Where Time Stops and Adventures Begin This timeless story begins in a residence in the heart of Montreal, where winters are long and cold, and daylight hours are short. Wanting to create a space that would be warm and bright all year round, David Charette designed this enchanting project where "light and brightness" were central to the overall design.

The story starts with a hand-painted de Gournay wallpaper in fresh mint, accented by flying butterflies that perfectly complement the butterfly shapes on the KOKET Nymph wall lamp and the soft curves and organic shapes of the CIRCU Tristen bed. David Charette loves the Tristen bed not only for its youthful look but also for "the ergonomics of the piece and the fact that children can easily climb in and out of it." The modern lines of the bed are paired with the unique design of the Boca do Lobo Wave nightstand and the funky style of Delightfull’s Billy stone lamp.

Combining these modern pieces with romantic and classic elements in the decor of this luxury children's room, Charette has created a unique room that provides a natural breeze of inspiration. The 6-meter ceiling in the bedroom offered a unique opportunity for Britto Charette to use the striking Giraffe chandelier by Marc Antonio, which Jay Britto spotted during a visit to iSaloni.

“It was a perfect fit! We love the playfulness and beauty combined in this extraordinary piece and believe it adds depth and interest to the overall design that highlights Circu products.”

This luxury children's room also features a relaxing seating area where children can read their favorite fairy tales while sitting in the CIRCU Dainty armchair. Specially created for children, this delicate armchair brings elegance to the room and adds color with its pink velvet hue. To make this space feel separate from the rest of the sleeping area, Charette chose a golden partition screen from Boca Do Lobo.

Play and Learning Area: Where Fairy Tales Are Created and Dreams Come True As a lover of adventures and travel, David Charette wanted to create a special place with an "Out of Africa" atmosphere that would spark a child's imagination and encourage lifelong journeys and adventures.

Since camping was a big part of the designer's childhood, he wanted to bring his happy memories to life by including a Teepee tent that would make children feel like they are camping in an enchanted forest without leaving the comfort of their room. This nature-inspired theme is complemented by Fornasetti wallpapers from Cole & Son and Filigree Cricket wall lamps, clever insect-shaped wall lamps from Boca do Lobo.

“Clouds on the ceiling further enhance the idea of camping (in this case "glamping") and dreaming, with Circu Cloud pendants adding a dreamy camping atmosphere.”

In keeping with the adventurous atmosphere, the designer chose the CIRCU NODO hanging chair, a must-have in every luxury children's room, as it not only brings outdoor fun indoors with an elegant touch but also provides a comfortable place for children to relax and read their favorite stories.

Aiming to evoke a sense of freedom and highlight children's imagination, the designer selected one of his favorite CIRCU pieces, the Sky Desk. With its playful design and inspiration, this airplane-shaped desk will be the center of children's play and make homework more exciting.

By designing this luxury children's room, David Charette from Britto Charette hoped that his design would inspire children to dream and play and develop an appreciation for nature as they embark on their incredible adventures. Additionally, since he designed them as "transitional" bedrooms that can accompany children from early childhood to adolescence, he hopes parents will recognize the value in purchasing Circu products and other items that are special and beyond the scope of mass-produced children's designs.

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