42.8 million dollars Californian villa

Located in the Californian city of Atherton, this incredible villa makes all of our dreams come true...

With interesting Italian style, this villa has managed to attract the attention of many passersby and magazines that deal with architecture, and now it found itself on the sale at a price of 42.8 million dollars. It sounds like you too much money for a house? Well, let's first consider what it offers...

This beautiful estate has about 2,300 m2 of space and is located on the property of 1.54 hectares with grandiose pool, terraced fountains, a large bar and kitchen area in the open and perfectly landscaped gardens.

Its automation systems make lives of its owners much easier. There are 4K televisions, improved mobile phone signal, 11.1 surround sound system, touch screen controls and two espresso centers that make mornings far more bearable and beautiful.

On its lower level, there are several bars and TV sets, where events and gatherings are ideal activities. The fitness center will take care of your health, giving you the ability to always be fit, while six bedrooms with private bathrooms, including a superb master suite with spa bath, present a real vision of the luxury dream. When you add a separate guest house, we’re slowly coming to the reasons why this villa costs as much as it does.

Exceptional finishing touches, such as Italian marble, brick ceilings, French accents and luxurious lighting, certainly contribute to its powerful appearance. In the gardens you can see 150-year old olive groves, mature oak, pine, Japanese maple, tangerines, lemons and over 250 rose bushes. Their maintenance is certainly costly, but the end result when each plant gets green leaves or flowers is truly magical.

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