You can find magnificence everywhere on the planet, from Tasmania to Siberia, from South America to Iceland...

But it’s the middle of the planet, the Equatorial regions, which provide the best sights in terms of living. Here’s another staggering residence to make your feelings go wild – the Butterfly Beach residence in Montecito, Santa Barbara County California, in USA.

With signature design by Maienza-Wilson Interior Design + Architecture, the contemporary two-story home is one of the first opulent residences in Montecito to receive LEED certification at level Platinum. Well, there are some really gorgeous features that it needs to boast in order to receive such honors. And it actually does – radiant floor heating, photovoltaic solar panels hidden away from the eyes on the butterfly roof providing enough electricity for the entire home and flat rooftops planted with drought-resistant grasses for passive cooling.

The insulation was done with Icynene spray foam, while a 5,000-gallon cistern was fitted underneath the construction to store rainwater. It irrigates the low-water-demand garden designed to cope with the general feeling of the mansion, actually a Zen-like atmosphere.


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