Can this be San Francisco's most expensive villa?

The real estate market has gone through numerous ups and downs over the past year, which has largely reflected on our notion of luxury…

However, when it comes to San Francisco, the luxury villa scene is reviving, along with sales growth and their prices. One entrepreneur has just completed work on a house in Cow Hollow, and put it on the market for $ 46 million. If it is sold at that price, since it was not made according to the wishes of potential owners, it will be the most expensive ever sold in San Francisco.

With six bedrooms, the villa is located on a plot of triple width, and measures about 1,200 square meters, on its three levels. It is an emblem of biophilic design, which represents a new trend in accordance with which homes are built by prioritizing natural materials, light, ventilation and air and water filtration technologies. This villa has a number of energy efficient and wellness features, such as solar panels, toxin-free paint, triple windows and doors, rainwater collection and MERV-13 air filtration systems.

In its interior, a motorized front door, for which you need biometric identification, opens towards a two-story atrium with a long accent wall. Prospective buyers can also see a floating glass staircase and reflective pools in the interior, while further exploration leads them to three indoor fireplaces and two outdoor fire camp areas, a gym with outdoor exercise space, a pool ideal for swimming sessions, a separate spa section with a glass sauna and a steam shower offering chromotherapy. Other amenities include a private cinema, wine cellar, Tesla Powerwall and lighting elements that mimic natural forms.

On the outside, the small but immaculately landscaped backyard has a stone section, lawn, summer kitchen and evergreen rims, which hide it from prying eyes of the neighbourhood. The upper floors open onto the terraces, while on the roof there is an open loggia overlooking the bay, which stretches from the Golden Gate Bridge all the way to Alcatraz.

According to many experts, this villa is one of the rarest in San Francisco, and therefore they believe that it will find its owner very soon, who will have a hard time deciding to separate from it, as soon as he moves in.

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