Castle for kings and queens of modern age

The small Italian village Tavernelle, hides some of the most incredible secrets...

With two levels and an area of ​​1,700 m2, Hamlet’s castle is here and it contains 34 bedrooms and 27 bathrooms, as well as many other interesting benefits. This medieval castle, tucked away in a quiet Umbrian-Tuscan nature is surrounded by forests and valleys. The only signs of civilization which you can see are the traces of the ancient Etruscan settlement, as well as several rural houses that are scattered around the surrounding area, but other than that, the owners of the castle can enjoy complete privacy.

The long history of this area will certainly provide you with an interesting experience and feel. Po'Sante di Sotto, as the official name of the town is a castle which was revived after a passionate scholar of medieval history, has invested ten years of experience and worked on it to make it fully restored.

Fenced villages that were built and developed during the thirteenth and fourteenth century, at first glance enchant people of the twenty-first century with its interesting details. The walls of Po'Sante di Sotto are facing the beautiful valley and hiding 19 separate residential complexes, with private entrances, common park and swimming pool.

Attention to detail during this restoration project is absolutely amazing and obvious when viewed from any angle - from the layout of the rooms to the choice of materials. The walls are made of local stone, while the floors are made of hand-made tiles and ceilings of wood.

All these "touched up" details are in perfect sync with the style of the era from which the castle originates, while the modern conveniences were designed to satisfy the wishes of potential owners. Electricity, water, telephone and heating are standard equipment for the people of the twenty-first century, but, fortunately for us, this castle emulates an older and perhaps much happier times.

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