Drew Barrymore's House in the Hamptons: A Blend of Personality and Rustic Chic

Drew Barrymore's home in the Hamptons exudes her personality while maintaining its rustic chic...

Currently on the market for $8.5 million, the property includes a charming office space, a pool, a bocce court, and gardens with herbs and vegetables.

Could anything be more charming than Drew Barrymore? Apparently, yes—her lovely home in the Hamptons, transformed from a 1920s barn, now listed for an incredible $8.45 million. The 1.7-acre estate, which the "Charlie's Angels" actress purchased in 2019 for $5.5 million, boasts several warm and inviting features. However, what makes this seven-bedroom home so enviable are the elements of Drew Barrymore's personality visible in every corner.

This attractive home of the Hollywood A-lister, who rose to fame playing Gertie in "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial," includes a bright, airy, and open kitchen next to a cozy family room. This inviting space still contains beams over 100 years old. Built-in bookshelves, a brick fireplace, and French doors add a touch of rusticity and romance to the space.

The most memorable part of the estate is the feminine and soothing home office in pastel pink shades. Not only is the room pink, but it also has a slanted ceiling and a skylight, making it feel like a room Barbie would love. The window sill acts as a touch of Barrymore's charm.

The exterior is equally enchanting with lush gardens, including herb and vegetable gardens, with expansive green lawns. Barrymore shared her vegetable garden with her daughter Olive, incorporating home-grown produce like carrots, tomatoes, peppers, beets, and greens into her children's meals.

"There's a rabbit in my garden! Oh wait, it's Olive picking vegetables," she once wrote alongside a picture. This positive home is filled with natural light, just as it would be filled with Drew Barrymore's laughter and optimism, thanks to the numerous French doors and windows throughout the house.

The elegant dining space that opens to a balcony has an appeal that would likely make it a favorite spot for many. The $8.5 million home is a kind of sanctuary in the Hamptons, filled with well-maintained land, subtle yet thoroughly elegant décor, a lot of character, a $30,000 playhouse for her daughters, and a touch of Barrymore everywhere.

Drew Barrymore grew up in the small town of Poinsettia Place in West Hollywood and has owned several incredible properties, like a villa in Hollywood Hills, which she sold in 2018 for $16.5 million. She also owned a villa in Montecito and now has a beachfront vacation home in Kauai, as well as a luxury duplex apartment in Manhattan at 830 Park Avenue.

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