We are taking you to the tour of the EBay’s offices in Istanbul…

EBay is world famous company and one of the biggest companies when it comes to e-shopping on local and global markets. One of their offices is in Istanbul and it has 2000 square meters on the one floor of that building.

This office is created modeled by world trends and it was designed as an open office. The lobby which creates the first impression was made mostly by wood different works on the ceiling which reach the height of 530cm. Open work space takes 1100 square meters, where you have 164 employees.

Company has 12 meeting halls of different sizes, open terraces, smoking areas. Red color as the symbol of Turkey is represented in many details of this amazing office. Cafe bar, library, online music, Playstation video game, is just some of the activities which this office offers. Acoustic panels are inserted into ceilings of the offices where international meetings are held.

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