Perfect villa in the middle of the sea

When we say dream house, what do we really mean?

We are still decades away from building housing in the clouds, although it is almost certain that it will happen one day, while at the same time it is not possible to choose the most beautiful of the large number of those we currently have here on earth.

A Chinese entrepreneur dreamed of his house on the sea, and that is a dream that he turned into reality with his good friend, the architect Dong Hinmeng. The man who designed this beautiful home, from an early age, created a connection with the sea through fishing and sailing. His floating island is the result of this love and owes its inspiration to traditional fishing rafts, used during a long stay on the open sea.

The floating house, the first of its kind, is located near Dongshan Island, in Fujin Province, a place completely separated from the everyday hustle and bustle of the world's major cities, about 500 meters from the coast. The new architectural marvel is surrounded by water on all sides and is built on a buoy base. The new house cost about $ 61,000 and it took more than ten years of hard work to build it.

The structure of the house has a sliding glass door located in all directions, in charge of providing a beautiful panoramic view of the water that surrounds it. When entering the interior, it is possible to notice the living room of generous square footage, which includes the dining room and kitchen. The house provides access to a large terrace from every part of its interior, and this space comes as a perfect location for fishing, training or any other activity by the sea.

This insulated nest is created with materials such as steel, used for its structure, with a combination of aluminum, magnesium, manganese and teak, as well as large squares of glass surfaces placed to enjoy the beautiful view. The roof construction of this house is completely anticorrosive and resistant to acids. The terrace is paved with very durable materials resistant to all weather conditions and comes with comfortable seating, probably the best detail of this home, in charge of providing a wonderful feeling of floating on the water.

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