Ibiza is a destination known for its wild nightlife, but if you want, it can be a real peaceful haven...

All you need is a real villa. Something like, ultra luxury, hidden, private, magnificent villa. Apparently, the villa which we will present you this time is owned by the same people who own Enigma villa in South Africa, which we showed you a few days ago. The estate of which we speak this time covers an area of 4.2 hectares and is located at the top of the mountain Atzaro, great point from which you can enjoy views of the sea and the countryside of Ibiza, as well as spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

The villa has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, or a total of 700m2 of space. It has luxurious amenities like music system that is controlled by the stylish iPad, Cisco Wi-Fi, a sauna and a garage with enough space for four cars. While palm trees, orchards, natural lakes and Balinese temples for meditation emphasize the beauty of the exterior of the villa, the interior is decorated with works of art and beautiful warm pieces of furniture. In addition to the main structure within the estate has three one - roomed villas, cottages and guest houses for staff.

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