Sneak a peek into Rita Ora's Victorian residence in London

Rita Ora is the epitome of a modern woman.

Born in Kosovo, Serbia, the singer moved to London with her family when she was very young and started her journey to success from there. Today, the 31-year-old star has many hit singles, has lent her voice to the "50 Shades of Grey" trilogy and other films, and has appeared as a judge on singing competitions such as The Voice UK, The Voice Australia, The X Factor and The Masked Singer UK.

She's one of those 21st-century celebrities who's constantly working and traveling, and her Instagram followers know she's likely to post photos from Paris one day, Los Angeles the next, and New Zealand the next week. She even has a love story, with director Taika Waititi.

And while many expect the singer to live in a modern villa with an infinity pool, instead, Ora lives in a charming Victorian residence in the neighbourhood of Primrose Hill in North London.

Built in 1877, her house was once the home of illustrator Arthur Rackham, whose work includes "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," "Peter Pan" and more. It's a Grade II listed building, which means that although Ora renovated it shortly after she bought it in 2021, she couldn't - nor did she want to - make any major changes.

"I've always been drawn to houses that have an old spirit," she says. "I knew this home had hosted a lot of creators, so I thought it would have a really special energy."

The renovation mainly focused on the restoration of floors and ceilings, bathrooms, plumbing and kitchen upgrades. Ora furnished the home mostly with vintage "treasures" from London's famous Portobello Road market and most of the things she already owned in previous homes. "I like to be cost effective, when necessary," she says. Her sister and manager, Elena Ora, is responsible for organizing the residence's furniture collection, while interior designer Joanna Plant was brought in to add "little pieces and accessories" to tie everything together.

Her furniture also gives a 'taste' of her West London roots. "I made a conscious effort to leave my comfort zone," she said of buying a home in an unfamiliar area. “All my friends are in West London.” Her new neighbourhood has more parks and greenery, while her house has several fireplaces and a lovely garden, all amenities that help her better disconnect from her fast-paced life.

While working on her third album, Ora couldn't be happier with the new peaceful base she's created. “Everyone comes to my house and says, 'I can't believe you live here.'” She understands why people might be confused: “My outer self is super luxurious, colourful, and I'm very proud of the decisions I make. The inner self is the exact opposite. I wanted that to be reflected in my home!”

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