Sofia Vergara takes us on a tour of her luxurious home in Los Angeles

The stunning villa inspired by Tuscany is located atop Beverly Hills and is estimated to have cost the famous actress over 26 million dollars.

This beautiful villa is situated in one of the most expensive areas, in Beverly Park, where many Hollywood celebrities reside, such as Eddie Murphy, Sylvester Stallone, and Denzel Washington. Sofia Vergara's luxurious villa is part of a gated complex of villas in the hills above Beverly Hills, with a huge iron gate through which only residents and their guests can pass, ensuring complete privacy.

In Vergara's villa, beige and white colors dominate, and in addition to several rooms, it features a fully equipped gym, basketball and tennis courts, a cinema, a large swimming pool, and lovely gardens with tropical plants.

The 51-year-old star is now single and recently divorced from her husband Joe Manganiello after 7 years of marriage, enjoying peace and the company of her friends in her beautiful home. As she explains in a video on YouTube, her friends gather in the kitchen and prefer to sit there rather than in the living room. "I don't cook, and I don't want to learn to cook. My son cooks, and the only thing I care about is that my kitchen looks nice," the actress notes.

How many times have you admired the luxurious closets of stars in movies that take up entire rooms and look like something out of every trendy girl's dream? Sofia Vergara has such a wardrobe, where all her clothes, bags, and shoes are organized by color. She explains that her closet is her favorite place in the house, and although everything is neat and organized, she always manages to be late while getting ready for outings.

Sofia Vergara has posted photos of the interior of her home on her Instagram profile, and it's clear that the actress has spent a lot of money to decorate it and make it exactly as she wanted. We must admit that her home is a dream for every decoration enthusiast. Marble floors, crystal chandeliers, bars, marble fireplaces, expensive art deco paintings, and murals are some of the things that caught our attention.

Watch the video of Sofia Vergara showing us her luxurious home in Los Angeles:

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