This $45 million Miami Beach mansion comes with a bathroom designed by Zaha Hadid

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During her lifetime, the late architect Zaha Hadid designed only one private residence, and it is located far away in Russia.

But as a favour to her close friends and prominent entrepreneurs Jackie Soffer and Craig Robbins, she created what might be the world's most interesting bathroom to complete their Miami mansion.

Now the couple is finally ready to hand over their long time property to a new owner. Although, you will have to cough up a whopping $45 million. The Spanish-style residence sits on Florida's largest sunset island with sweeping views of Sunset Lake, which is what originally drew Robbins to the property in 1997. Originally built in the 1940s, it has undergone extensive renovations over the years. An additional 250 square meters was recently added to the property in 2016. Architect Walter Chatham and interior designer Julie Hillman were also hired to remodel the existing structure.

“I grew up in Miami Beach and I water skied everywhere,” Robbins said. “I've always looked at this property because I thought it was perfectly located. Miraculously, when I was looking for a house in the 90s, it was on the market”. Today, the mansion includes seven bedrooms and eight full bathrooms in its 900 square meters. There is also a detached one-bedroom guest house and a two-car garage. Elsewhere, the courts resemble your own tropical oasis where you can enjoy a heated pool, play on the half basketball court or dine on the dock. "We spend a lot of time there," added Soffer.

Moreover, the all-white interiors serve as a gallery for the couple's extensive art collection. However, none of the pieces are included in the sale. The two floors also contain a library, gourmet kitchen and formal dining room. When it comes to the primary bathroom, that's where Zaha Hadid steps in. Soffer reportedly showed the Pritzker Prize-winning architect some options for the tub over dinner, but the next day she got a call during which Hadid told her she wanted to design the entire space herself.

"It was the nicest thing that probably any friend has ever done for me," Robbins said. The resulting room is striking to say the least. The rounded layout makes it difficult to decipher where the shower ends and when the bath begins. In essence, they are combined into one futuristic-looking cohesive unit: something that only a genius like Zaha Hadid could have designed.

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