Vacation home in Ibiza inspired by one particular piece of art

Interior designer Natalia Miyar showed us how we can combine comfort and style, while avoiding the look of a sterile, white box…

Sometimes, when designing a home, art comes first. One couple discovered that this statement was true, when they mapped the main area of ​​their villa in Ibiza, which was inspired by the artwork Rendezvous, whose creator is a Danish-Icelandic artist, Olafur Eliasson. "They fell in love with it, especially because of that room and that place," explains Natalia Miyar, who worked with them on this project. "It's a really beautiful project, because even though some of the mirrors have different colours in them, they absorb the colours of what they reflect." Miyar incorporated some of these bright shades into pieces of furniture, upholstering the sofa with a rich shade of rust, along with lighter blue details on carpets and pillows.

In homes like this, the appeal of the interior and exterior are equally valid. If there is too much furniture and too much decoration, you can hardly appreciate the beauty of your surroundings, while on the other hand, if there are too few, you observe a sterile white box. “People love open plan spaces, but they’re not that simple. You want to have a room that is hospitable, where you don't have to have your back to it, to enjoy the great view. “The C-shaped sofa, for example, is designed so that owners can observe their exterior, wherever they sit.

Miyar paired this piece with somewhat more classic furniture - one of the owners is of Brazilian origin, so she bought Brazilian armchairs that perfectly accentuate the bright colours of the room. The colour palette itself is inspired by its surroundings, incorporating shades of blue and green, which are characteristic of Ibiza. “I always like to rely on the context of where I design when it comes to colour plaques. It is quite natural to use something with a local appeal ", explains the designer.

Another magnificent moment in this home is the custom-made dining table. Its lacquered base arouses visual interest that is usually lacking in these pieces of furniture, since the top panel habitually gets all the attention. The chandelier in the main room is another bespoke piece. Miyar designed it so that it does not have an obvious, natural centre, which makes the room look even more airy.

At the lower level, the bolder colour palette continues, although the wallpapers obviously play a major role. "This is not a pretentious house. It is a home for cosmopolitan owners, who live nonchalantly between comfort and style. "

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