The Beauty and Versatility of Crystal Rain


Linea, part of the Crystalight collection, represents one of the most successful models in the Manooi company's offerings...

Its popularity is partly based on an elegant and polished design that creates the impression of a cascade of light through multiple layers of sparkling crystal drops.

The main success of the Linea line lies in its versatility, allowing it to be placed in almost any space, whether small or large, rectangular or narrow. When it comes to playing with shapes, layer density, colors, and chandelier length, Linea provides ample room for creativity: it can be customized to specific dimension and shape needs, whether linear, rectangular, circular, L-shaped, or undulating.

When suspended above a counter or dining table, it creates an enhanced atmosphere. Additionally, you can bring a touch of simple and natural sophistication to your bathroom with the crystal rain of the Linea model.

Seeing it above a reception desk or in a lobby will surely capture attention. Placing it in narrow spaces like hallways or passages transforms the passage into an aesthetic journey...

The Linea model from the Crystalight collection embodies the perfection of design and functionality, offering a magical experience of light and elegance in every space. Its adaptability and sophistication make it an ideal choice for various settings, from dining rooms to lobbies and bathrooms.

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