Even this year, DiTre Italia took part to the “Salone Internazionale del Mobile” in Milan, showing an actual and original exhibition key and their new products created by the partnership with designers as Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri, Stefano Spessotto and Lorella Agnoletto.

At “Salone 2015” visitor were welcomed by an unreleased scenic design that explained the philosophy and the nature of their Company, identifying in textile department the centre of the exhibition as if it is a real creative laboratory. The chromatic choices of fabrics combine the predominant mud colour to a series of nuance as ginger, pastel turquoise and chanel pink.

“Designwear” is the keyword that summarizes the concept, based on the idea of wearability: the presentation of a product to live and to use, an object that will represent their lifestyle and their personality. With DiTre Italia the sofa becomes a luxury product for quality and finishing, but at the same time it maintains the characteristic of an attainable furnishing object with an affordable price.

DiTre Italia’s stand, created by the designer Lo Scalzo Moscheri, is a project that wants to be seen as a real shop; one part will be dedicated to the lounge area, arranged with small sofas and operative areas that develop themselves around the Textile Lab, provided with big fabric and leather samples showed their wide range of colours and variants.

In the place reserved for our products there were four areas, each of which was divided with modular metallic compositions that are part of a real program of hardware dedicated to the store. At “Salone 2015” their three new sofas were exhibited exclusively, proud of having being created by Stefano Spessotto and Lorella Agnoletto for Eclèctico and Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri for Kanaha and Monolith. Three new products that combine comfort, functionality and resistance with a contemporary taste and 100% Made In Italy, respecting the latest trends of contemporary living.

Ecléctico is the new DiTre Italia’s sofa designed by Spessotto and Agnoletto, design collection 2015. Ecléctico is the modular sofa that can be personalized according to the customer wishes, satisfying the need of comfort and practicality and also the wish of buying a furniture with trendy design and 100% Made In Italy.

With a few little actions, and without the help of a technical fixer, it is possible to change the aspect of Ecléctico to adapt it to your needs: for example to give to the living room a more linear and minimal aspect or to welcome more comfortably your guests. The innovation is in the possibility to modify the height of the sofa: customer can decide to remove the high back cushion to use the lower one or just the opposite, to add or to remove the extra- comfort mattress of the seat, to substitute the high feet with lower ones.

Ecléctico is the sofa that, with a few little actions, assumes different characters: “minimal” quilted or smooth on earth, “informal” quilted or smooth with high feet, “comfort” smooth on earth with extra- comfort mattress. Ecléctico is available with high or low back cushions, armrests with two heights and two widths, two different types of high feet ( metal or small trumpet shaped wooden feet ), low feet.

The small trumpet wooden feet can be combined with the support wooden table or with the tray, realized following the same ebony line. Ecléctico, characterized by elegant tailors’ details on the armrests and sitting front, is available with smooth or quilted covering, in fabric and in leather.

Kanaha reconsiders the sofas’ furnishing complement by a multi-material and expressive version, based on a metal structure that reinterprets the planning style of the big masters of contemporary design. Back cushions are thinner near the armrests: their details of junction propose an innovative sartorial solution that connects different components.

Kanaha is a sofa culturally evolved, and dedicated to customers who know how to appreciate the determined character of its metal sheet combined with the seat comfort that recalls a soft pillow. It is just this contrast of forms and materials that gives to Kanaha a strong identity and makes it a perfect alternative to personalize with elegance and taste all contemporary living rooms. Seat and back cushions float suspended, and lay themselves laterally on the thin leather sides; as a chest, the perimeter of the sofa is a light borderline that lets live all the energy of volumes of the soft and embracing seat cushions.

Kanaha combines refined materials such as bronzed metal, leather and natural textiles. The wise combination of different surfaces made with one material only gets across the concept of nonaggressive luxury, addressed to simple yet precise customers. As a lightweight architecture, Kanaha outlines and put together noble materials, creating the magic effect of lightness at first glance with the guarantee of an extraordinary comfort indeed.

Monolith is a project of an organic sofa built with modular volumes and of easy reading. A “family feeling” inspiration that links the sofa with several functions that don’t exaggerate with aesthetic virtuosity but privilege functionality, the range of accessories and the charm of details. The linearity of Monolith has a sartorial excellence visible in his tailoring solution: as a dress, fabric is worn on cushions using vertical zips.

An accurate attention for details emphasizes the strictness of a sofa that has innovative modularity, and that it is rich of accessories, first of all the “privacy” panel: a fabric movable wall that facilitates the research of intimacy, and as a side scene of a theatre stage delimitates the relax area thanks to a swivelling part of the divider.

The rectangular eucalyptus top can be choose instead of the round top supported by metal base; a clear and precise sign softened by rounded transparent surfaces. Monolith is a male and contemporary sofa, but its particular tailoring and accessories makes it a real “system”, confirming DiTre Italia’s attitude of considering every product an organic expression of a lifestyle.

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