Under the Surface. Salone del Mobile.Milano reflects on the impact and significance of water as a resource in the bathroom furniture sector with a brilliant installation

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Ethics, sustainability, and technology, but also the power, fascination, and fragility of water; Under the Surface is born of many different considerations, as a highly emotional design project that fits into the debate on the value of responsible furniture production.

How far has design, and particularly bathroom design, actually gone in terms of water sustainability? Can producers and consumers be supported in recognizing the urgency of developing strategies to promote water conservation, efficiency, and the proper use of such a resource? What specific, up-to-date tools and technologies can the industry rely on, and which products have already embraced the challenge? These are just some of the questions forming the basis for the 62nd edition of Salone del Mobile.Milano's effort to examine bathroom production through the installation Under the Surface, designed and created by Accurat, Design Group Italia, and Emiliano Ponzi (Salotto NY) in Pavilion 10 at the International Bathroom Exhibition.

Conscious that we badly need a radical change of paradigm and vision, as well as new education in the use of resources and awareness that change is now possible, faced with the challenge of water scarcity, Salone has brought in three different professionals to discuss the topic of a positive and respectful relationship with the most precious resource on our planet, directing us towards a more conscious and responsible use of water. In a synthesis of visions, skills, and inspirations, the collaboration between Accurat, Design Group Italia, and Emiliano Ponzi focuses on the vital importance of global water resources, shaping a strong and significant expression of the central role water plays in our lives.

Under the Surface @ Salotto NY

The installation is shaped like a submerged island, symbolizing water as a source of life and the challenges associated with our relationship with it. Immersed in a sea of constantly moving reflections of light, the island is not only an evocative visual narrative but also a means of telling important stories that will help visitors become aware of the impact our everyday habits related to water use can generate. The reflections of light, moving over valleys and hillocks, constantly changing, are designed to represent data on global water consumption, turning statistics and numbers into an emotional and compelling experience.

Inside the installation, balanced between abstraction and reality, there are niches offering a more intimate and reflective space. Through the innovative use of dynamic data visualization, technological and manufacturing progress related to water conservation in the field of bathroom furnishings is narrated. These visual narratives show how the new products presented at the International Bathroom Exhibition are designed to reduce water consumption, both during production and in daily use. The decision to use the intuitive language of data visualization allows visitors to immediately understand the positive impact of these innovations, turning complex data into easily accessible and visually appealing information to help people understand the importance of their adoption for a more sustainable future.

Da sx Gabriele Rossi Accurat, Gabriel Zangari Design Group Italia, Emiliano Ponzi

The design team commented: "Under the Surface illustrates the complexity of the world in which we live, where it is no longer enough to simply analyze the surface of things, but vital to get to the bottom of them. Taking a deep look at it and at oneself is the only way to understand, learn, and become better people and consumers." Maria Porro, President of Salone del Mobile.Milano, said: "We chose to address the themes of sustainability and water saving, which are central to the evolution of bathrooms. The bathroom is a part of every home that has been deeply transformed - from a service space to a wet living room. Here, small everyday gestures involving intelligently designed and produced objects can make a huge difference. With the installation Under the Surface, we will immerse ourselves beneath the surface of this delicate balance with water. By poetically visualizing data relating to the sector, and describing the problems, we will show that knowing how to connect knowledge, skills, and technologies is vital for generating projects and products that improve lives because they are respectful of the environment. Today, more than ever, we must be conscious of the influence of our daily choices on the future."

Under the Surface shows that we can envision a different way of creating products in harmony with nature, without excessive consumption of water resources, but by implementing ecological paths.

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