Vondom Presents the Luna Collection – A Modern Legacy of Iconic Forms

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The "Luna" furniture collection, designed by Ramón Esteve for Vondom, pays homage to the revolutionary aesthetics of iconic designers like Verner Panton and Joe Colombo.

Inspired by their boldness and innovation, Esteve creates a contemporary collection that reflects the same creativity. In the latter half of the 20th century, during the rise of industrial design, there was a democratization of design, making it accessible to a wider public. The use of new materials such as plastic and fiberglass, along with mass production, encouraged the creation of innovative pieces.

Vondom's "Luna" collection continues this avant-garde tradition by utilizing innovative materials and bold shapes to create pieces that are both functional and aesthetically impressive. With soft lines and organic curves, the "Luna" collection evokes a sense of serenity and harmony, while its robust structure ensures longevity and sturdiness in any setting. These elements combine to offer a unique and elegant experience that elevates any space to new heights of sophistication and beauty.

Each piece in the "Luna" collection stands out with its unique character, but together they form a coherent visual story that reflects a contemporary spirit while respecting classical forms. Details such as integrated LED lighting and modular systems add functional value, allowing users to customize the ambiance to their space and needs. This integration of technology and design makes the "Luna" collection not only beautiful but also exceptionally practical for modern living spaces.

Sustainability is another key element of the "Luna" collection, with a special emphasis on the use of eco-friendly materials and production processes. Esteve and Vondom work together to minimize environmental impact, using recycled and recyclable materials that ensure a minimal ecological footprint. This approach not only reflects the growing awareness of the need for sustainable design but also confirms Vondom's commitment to being at the forefront of design innovation and environmental responsibility.

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