2024 LG M4 wireless OLED TV uses AI processor

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Televisions have become wireless, thanks to companies like Displace...

Last year, LG joined the trend with its M3 wireless TV introduced at the CES exhibition. Now, the company is presenting an upgraded version for 2024 at this year's CES event. The latest M4 OLED TV works similarly to its predecessor, with a wireless AV box placed in front of it. However, significant improvements have been made to the processor and image refresh rate.

The LG M4 wireless OLED TV comes with the new Alpha 11 AI processor, which is claimed to provide a 70-percent increase in graphic performance and operates 30 percent faster than its predecessor. This new TV supports 4K with 144Hz, an upgrade from the previous LG M3, which had a capacity of 120Hz.

Additionally, the LG M4 wireless OLED TV comes with an enhanced AI scaling function that sharpens objects and backgrounds through pixel-level image analysis. LG claims that the Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro feature will provide a three-dimensional visual experience.

Not only does the LG M4 wireless OLED TV improve image quality with AI, but it also enhances sound using AI technology, featuring AI Sound Pro and built-in speakers with virtual 11.1.2 surround sound for richer audio with clearer vocals.

LG has redesigned its webOS operating system, allowing users to create up to 10 individual profiles, with each profile offering customizable home screen layouts and picture quality settings. Interestingly, the M4 wireless OLED TV can even recognize users' voices based on profiles and offers personalized recommendations based on usage history.

Details on the price and release date for the LG M4 wireless TV are still unknown. However, it is likely to be in a similar price range as its predecessor, starting at around $5,000 for the smallest 77-inch model. The 2024 models bring good news with the addition of a smaller 65-inch version, making the technology more accessible to a wider audience.

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