Samsung Captivates the Audience with Innovations at CES 2024

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Samsung raises the bar for image quality and TV viewing experience in well-lit homes...

The renowned brand has decided to tackle a problem many of us encounter, which is the loss of picture quality on the TV in different lighting conditions. By introducing the new glare-free OLED TV, Samsung presents a revolutionary device that surpasses its predecessors and is designed to eliminate reflections in brightly lit environments.

The glare-free screen on the Samsung S95D QD-OLED TV allows viewing from various angles and under different lighting conditions within rooms without any distortions in picture quality. Most existing TVs from major manufacturers already come with an anti-reflective coating, but the S95D takes the story to a whole new level: it features a specially optimized OLED panel that uses a hard coating layer specifically designed to provide precise details without irritating glare.

While glare-free is the main feature, the S95D is not lacking in other functionalities. In fact, the Samsung TV uses OLED technology, providing equally vibrant colors and richer brightness compared to WOLED screens that operate on a similar technology as QD-OLED panels.

Samsung has introduced the S95D QD-OLED TV with a 77-inch screen size and an ultra-thin profile of 11mm. The TV boasts a refresh rate of 144Hz, AI-enhanced color accuracy, and comes with support for HDR10 and HDR10 Plus. However, the Korean tech giant has decided to proceed without Dolby Vision support in this TV.

To achieve an almost wireless form, the S95D TV comes with the Samsung One Connect Box option, eliminating all other cables except the power cable. The glare-free OLED TV comes with the latest pre-installed Tizen software. There is still no information about the retail price, but we hope Samsung will have the S95D QD-OLED TV on the market later this year.

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