Baracoda introduces the world's first smart mirror with ai

Reportedly, this mirror recognizes your emotions and improves your mood...

Smart mirrors are becoming increasingly popular in homes, not only for their smart features but also for health and well-being monitoring. Baracoda, a French health technology company, has recently launched BMind, the world's first smart mirror with AI (artificial intelligence) for mental well-being. Using smart artificial intelligence, it acts as a health ally that recognizes your mood and helps you manage stress through exercises and calming light, sound, and visual effects.

Built on the CareOS platform, the BMind smart mirror provides personalized suggestions and experiences based on your mood. It uses advanced AI technology with computer vision and language models to interpret gestures, voice commands, and even the intentions of users.

After recognizing your feelings and mood, it offers you customized lighting treatments and creates personalized exercises such as guided meditation and self-affirmation to uplift your spirits.

BMind was created in collaboration with ThrivePal, an AI-driven coach that creates dedicated programs for personalized self-improvement, and with Inclusive Brains, for their unique combination of generative AI technology and neurophysiology, enabling it to "sense" how its users feel at any given moment and adjust its features accordingly.

The BMind smart mirror recently won an innovation award at the Consumer Electronics (CES) 2024 in the smart home category.

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