A 25-kilogram piece of coal from the Titanic is for sale for $500,000

If something was on board the RMS Titanic in 1912, it will still be sought after in 2024...

The fascination, intrigue, and nostalgia for this tragic British passenger ship operated by the White Star Line never ends. In fact, with each passing year, the obsession only grows. The famous Titanic museum in Orlando is now offering souvenirs that were key to the smooth operation of the ship (although it did not help to save it), so now a piece of coal that was found on its decks will be sold for $500,000 - as you know, the passenger ship was powered by a combination of steam engines and steam turbines.

The ship was equipped with boilers with multiple furnaces in which coal was burned to heat water, thereby generating steam. In total, the Titanic had 159 furnaces, and this 25-kilogram piece of coal expected to be sold for half a million dollars was found at the wreck site. It is said to be one of the few authentic items being offered for sale. The piece of coal comes with a certificate of authenticity and was retrieved during the 1994 Titanic exploration and recovery expedition.

Two years ago, a 100-year-old postman’s pocket watch from the Titanic was sold at auction for $116,000, and recently, the gold pocket watch of the richest passenger on the Titanic sold at auction for $1.5 million. Some fans of the Titanic and its saga have upped the ante by offering to build a replica of the doomed Titanic worth $1 billion. Australian billionaire Clive Palmer wants to create the Titanic II with grand halls, a casino, Turkish baths, squash courts, and even third-class cabins. He is not alone in his admiration, as millions of people have registered interest in traveling on this ship.

Until this is realized, the Titanic museum in Orlando will suffice, displaying more than 300 artifacts, with costumed actors and full-size room reconstructions. A real treat for enthusiasts.

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