Bag Boy Karlito gets a feminine competition...

Mattel Inc. Company, which is known as the creator of Barbie, has announced the official release date for the debut of Barbie Lagerfeld. It is a limited edition of Karl Lagerfeld Barbie dolls, which will be sold during Fashion Week in Paris, which begins on September 29. At the same time, a new edition of Barbie dolls will be launched in selected Karl Lagerfeld boutiques and Collette boutiques in Paris.

Of course, it is available for purchase online through the websites of brands and companies that collaborate with fashion genius Lagerfeld. This haute-couture Barbie doll is not cheap; it will cost about 200 Euros.

Like Karlito, Barbie Lagerfeld got her own style from the famous fashion designer, for which he was easily recognizable. She's wearing a tailored black jacket with a white shirt with a high collar and French cuffs, and black satin tie. Also, she wears the tight black jeans with a familiar print, and is endowed with the right dose of the right accessories, which resemble the undisputed king of fashion design - there are sunglasses, fingerless gloves and black ankle boots. Pouch that she wears is black and made ​​of leather, with metallic silver accents.

This doll will be featured as a limited edition, and only 999 pieces will be available in the whole world. It is expected that Barbie Lagerfeld to be a real hit among fashion lovers and collectors.

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