Bark Air: New Airline Dedicated to Pets Takes Off in May


Flying with a dog can often be challenging, and a new brand wants to change that.

BARK, a company known for its dog products, recently announced the launch of a new travel service, BARK Air. In partnership with a small charter airline, BARK Air is designed to prioritize pets, and then their owners, allowing them to travel together in comfort and convenience.


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At launch, they will initially serve the New York City area from Westchester County Airport with flights to the Los Angeles area via Van Nuys, as well as to London, England via Stansted Airport. The first flights of BARK Air will take off from New York on Thursday, May 23.


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"When we launched BARK in 2011, we were on a mission to revolutionize the space and create the best products for dogs. We are excited to leverage the knowledge we have gained over the years to create an experience that is first and foremost for dogs," said Matt Meeker, co-founder and CEO of BARK. "We believe this initiative will raise awareness of our brand's mission and values, introduce more dog lovers to the BARK family, and help enrich the lives of dogs and people around the world.


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BARK Air aims to give four-legged friends a first-class experience, just like us, during their long flights. Once you book a ticket, BARK Air staff will collect information about each dog and their owners' travel plans to ensure the best possible experience.

Passengers will need to arrive at the airport just one hour before departure for easy and quick check-in. To assist passengers with dogs, BARK Air staff will greet dogs at the gate and lead them into the cabin.


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To make the flight experience enjoyable for dogs, the plane will be equipped with calming pheromones, music, and colors preferred by four-legged friends. At the same time, dogs will have access to calming treats, noise-canceling ear caps, and relaxation jackets. Additionally, BARK brand food, snacks, and treats will be provided during the flight to pamper both four-legged passengers and their owners.

Prices for BARK Air tickets start at $6,000 for a dog and owner between New York and Los Angeles, and $8,000 between New York and London.

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