Caviar novelties in honor of Elon Musk

In honor of the SpaceX Dragon mission, Russian brand Caviar, designed a special edition as a form of celebration of Elon Musk’s monumental launch…

And while Musk continues to amaze the world with his remarkable ideas and innovative engineering every year, iPhone models are becoming more expensive. With this Limited Edition SpaceX iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone breaks records, with a price tag of $ 5,000. To create this premiere model, which is part of the Discovery Collection line, designers were inspired by the successful Dragon mission.

The body of the Discovery Musk Be On Mars model is special because it is decorated with a stone from space. In addition, all models will bear the Musk Be On Mars print, along with the signature of the famous innovator, which definitely contributes to their value. The models are ultra exclusive and only 19 will be produced in total, and the price goes from 5,830 to 6,290 dollars.

In addition to the phone, the Caviar brand also prepared a line of personalized Musk Be On Mars Nike Air Force 1 sneakers, which carry a piece of space shuttle and a hand-painted space landscape, with a price of 1,380 dollars.

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