Caviar presents an indestructible iPhone with an incredibly high price tag

iPhones are generally considered fragile and sensitive - after just a slight fall, you can mess up your screen completely…

Luxury brand Caviar, has decided to offer us a solution to this problem in a unique way imbued with glamor. A few days ago, they introduced a modified version of the phone, which was inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck model.

The chic phone comes with a titanium body and numerous Cybertruck-inspired design accents, such as line geometry, simplicity of form and versatility of the material. Furthermore, the phone has a flexible case, which can act as a stand when you want to watch shows on your favorite YouTube channels. The ultra-luxury phone is limited to just 99 units and its selling price is so high that no more than 99 people cannot afford it.

The phone's description on the Caviar official site states: “The titanium body of the phone is protected from all sides from any kind of mechanical impact - the back, sides and screen are hidden under the metal elements. The overall protection of the phone does not compromise, but emphasizes the aesthetics and functionality of this model”.

Would you buy one?

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