Dubai is set out to get a luxurious $10 million dog retreat

Dubai is set to construct a luxurious $10 million resort exclusively designed for small dogs. The facility will feature indoor pools, relaxation zones, and ample play space.

It's always wonderful to be a dog, but being a dog in Dubai is about to become "paws-tastically" amazing! The Canine Care Centre My Second Home is enhancing the lives of our furry friends with an exclusive facility tailored for small dogs as part of a $10 million expansion initiative. This centre will be a haven for little pups, offering exciting amenities, relaxation zones, and plenty of play area. Named "Little Gems by My Second Home," the facility will span 46,000 square meters, providing pets with a five-star accommodation experience.

This resort-style facility is set to open around Christmas in Dubai Investments Park 2 (DIP 2) this year. Expect all the luxuries at your four-legged companion's paws, from convenient drop-off and pick-up services to mingling with 300 dogs daily, grooming, and training from the best in the business. "The increase in pet ownership during the pandemic - especially of smaller dogs and cats - has created tremendous demand, which we have met by building more accommodation units," said Sean Parker, CEO of My Second Home. "Our capacity for accommodation at DIP and Al Quoz locations now includes 250 dogs and 40 cats," Parker added.

"Encouraged by the demand and feedback from our valued members, we are ramping things up in Dubai and exploring potential partnerships beyond the UAE," shared Paul Silver, co-founder of My Second Home.

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