Everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Unlike the Galaxy Fold, the new Galaxy Z Flip bends horizontally…

The most kept secret in the technology world these days, has finally been revealed. Samsung launches another flexible smartphone. Less than six months after the launch of the Galaxy Fold, the South Korean giant launches the Galaxy Z Flip.

Introduced during the company's Unpacked event held in San Francisco last Tuesday, Z Flip has been on sale since Friday. Still, while this device is another brand of smartphone bending, it is quite different from its older brother.

The biggest difference between two phones is how they bend. The Fold model folds in half, like a slim book, while the Z Flip folds horizontally like former folding phones. Like the Motorola Razr just introduced, this device will take up less space in your pocket or bag.

In addition, the Z Flip has a smaller screen than the Fold model, which measures 6.7 inches. It has a 21.9: 9 aspect ratio and has no notch, like its many peers. Still, it's not the only difference between the two screens. Instead of using plastic, as was done for its predecessor, the Z Flip comes with a glass screen, according to a brand press release. Samsung calls its new display the Infinite Flex Display and claims that it can handle up to 200,000 bends and openings. On the back of the phone is a small OLED screen that will show you notifications and can also be used as an auxiliary screen when taking photos or taking pictures.

Of course, with the many problems that arose when the Fold model was launched, much attention was paid to the Z Flip hinges. The new phone has a three-foot hinge, which works similar to what we can see on laptops. Thanks to the dual CAM mechanism, your phone can stay in one of three selected positions.

The Z Flip also has a number of other modern features, including two wide-angle cameras at the rear of 12 mpx, along with a 10-mpx selfi camera at the front. Its software is not bad at all either. Flex Mode, a UI designed in collaboration with Google, will give users the opportunity to split their display into two functional halves. Your phone can do multiple tasks at one time.

Although it's still early to comment, the Samsung Z Flip model already sounds like a more attractive alternative to the Galaxy Fold model. At $ 1,380, it's $ 600 cheaper.

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