24 million dollars worth piercing

The famous rapper, Symere Bysil Woods, better known as Lil Uzi Wert, will forever be remembered as a man with a pink diamond on his head…

According to the some news sites, a few days ago, the famous artist made a piercing worth 24 million dollars, when he fixed a beautiful pink diamond on his forehead - we will probably never find out whether he did it so as not to accidentally loose it somewhere. As the rapper himself stated, he insured his piercing, because it is more valuable than all his cars and villas combined.

It is clear to us that he really loves this diamond, and that is why he gave him this magnificent honor. As we find out, Uzi also bought a ring with a suitable stone to keep it in tune.

It goes without saying that many of his fans were left speechless - some immediately expressed their anger, while others were delighted with the rapper’s courage. According to the rumours, Wert bought the diamond from Eliot Eliante, a jeweler who is known for creating precious pieces for Migos and Travis Scott, among others.

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