271.000 dollars compensation for a bad haircut

Coco Chanel once said: "A woman who changes her hairstyle, changes her life" “

Well, one model from India seems to have listened to the advice of the famous Madame Chanel, because her hairstyle changed her destiny forever, proving that the words of the famous fashion designer are absolutely true. Still, not in a positive way. The woman suffered almost irreparable mental trauma, and then got a monetary compensation of 271,000 dollars for all her losses. Here's how this story actually goes: a model with extremely long hair, who is a regular customer of a salon, very famous in Delhi, gave clear instructions to a newbie who cut her hair, and which were extremely detailed, since she earns her wages by promoting hair products of different brands.

Not only did the salon workers ignore her instructions and, of course, mess with her hairstyle along the way, but they shattered her dreams of top-notch modelling, which she was supposed to embark on immediately afterwards. The stylist cut most of her hair, leaving her only 10 cm long under her shoulders, which is really short compared to the length of the hair she came with. The customer then reported the salon to the National Consumer Dispute Resolution Commission, which awarded her 20 million rupees ($ 271,000). The president of the panel, RK Agrawal, stated: “There is no doubt that women are very careful and considerate when it comes to their hair. They spend a lot of time maintaining their hairstyle and are emotionally connected to it. The plaintiff was a model for hair products because of the length of her hair, and she cooperated with very big brands, which is now impossible for her. "

According to NDTV, the model was supposed to be interviewed on television, shortly after she visited the salon. Since her regular hairdresser was not available, she was taken over by another employee. When she was obviously dissatisfied with the hairstyle, the salon offered her a free hair treatment as compensation, but the situation became even worse. According to her, the treatment was of dubious origin and damaged her hair to a great extent.

For many people, a bad haircut is not such a big deal, but for this woman, the situation is quite the opposite - according to the statements, she lost several engagements due to this unpleasant situation. Although there are many more terrible things in the world that happen every day and many condemn the compensation she received, ask yourself what would you do if you were in her place?

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