A Perfect Start for a Perfect Year

Another New Year's Eve is behind us. We said goodbye to the old and welcomed the New Year, all of us in our own way, in the company of our family and close friends. We still remember all the beautiful and successful moments of the last year, filled with cheerful hope, making new big plans to guide us through the delightful uncertainty of the new calendar year. The presents that we so generously gave, and also those that we got in return, symbolize the many pleasant surprises that await us in the coming months. Thinking about this, it is only human and expected of us to treat ourselves to something special, something that will fill us with satisfaction and draw a smile on our faces that will stay there for a long time. The only question is – what could that be?

We all love to travel, don't we? Unfortunately, due to the many stringent pandemic protocols, the conditions for travel are still not ideal, so it is better to put those plans off for a while. Hanging out with a lot of friends and meeting new people is also something we have always loved to do, and something that all of us have really missed doing lately. However, for the same reason as above, we will skip this for the time being, for everyone’s safety. So, what is left for us to do?

Have you considered merging all these things into a single package? You can hang out with your friends, and travel at the same time without leaving the warmth and safety of your home, if that’s what you have to do anyway. You can communicate with people as much as you like, you can meet new people, keep up to date with everything and travel the world every day from the comfort of your favorite armchair – yes, it's possible!

It took us some time to get it ready, but we at Telenor have finally come up with a solution that allows everyone to do their favorite thing without expending the tiniest amount of energy. This is a fantastic package of services called – Hipernet!

This multifunctional package is supported by the latest technology and includes fixed optical internet, test version digital television, and fixed telephony. Thanks to the exceptional Internet speed (up to 1 Gbps), Hipernet can now provide a perfectly functioning Internet connection to everyone, with a powerful Wi-Fi signal that covers every corner of your home. You can watch 4K movies on digital TV with over a hundred channels, listen to premium HD music, or simply choose to watch the most interesting content of the day or week, using just one remote for STB and TV.

Stay informed and on the go even when you're staying at home, and start this year in the best possible way with the Hipernet package. Because, you know how they say, the way you start your year sets the tone for the rest of the year.

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