If there isn’t anything more you would like than seeing the world from the edge of the universe, we have something perfect for you...

A team of people from company Zero2Infinity created a Bloon, which, as the name suggests, the capsule connected to a large balloon that takes travelers on a journey of their lives. Without chaotic force of gravity force and the training that astronauts go even without traveling in rocket...

Journey to the edge of the universe takes about an hour, but there's really no need to rush. Bloon uses helium to raise itself up, so there are no motors or any hazardous substances that would scare you, and the journey is quiet, peaceful and safe.

While traveling to the height of 36 km above the earth's surface, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the best view you'll probably ever see. While the concept of time is lost in the conventional sense, and while you’re watching the Earth from above, you will have the whole day to enjoy this unique adventure.

This private flight to the edge of the universe certainly is not cheap. The price is about $650,000, and the package includes four seats inside the capsule.

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