Caviar present luxe version of Nokia 3310

Luxury brand Caviar takes its modifications very seriously...

In order to prove it to us again, they decided to turn another ordinary, everyday object into a spectacular dash of extravagance. In fact, they introduced us a special version of the iconic Nokia 3310 mobile phone. This time, the modest mobile device is decorated with gold coats, Bitcoin logos and other details.

The redesigned Nokia phone is part of the new Caviar collection called Toreso, which restores our faith in luxury and all its goodness. As part of this redesign, the device got a black avatar with buttons coated with gold. Its back panel is decorated with the Bitcoin logo and the name of the brand. The collection also features similar versions of the 3310 model, featuring ruble, euro and yuan symbols.

In addition to the fantastic details of gold, these mobile phones have titanium cases and buttons, which are lined with a luxurious shade of black. The Nokia 3310 in this version can be purchased at a price of $ 2020. Earlier this year, the famous brand introduced the model 3310, which was inspired by Vladimir Putin's figure, whose price is $ 3,000. If buying an antique mobile phone that is fraught with luxury is something that you care for, be quick because it will definitely be quick to sell out.

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