Chanel Opens a Pop-Up Restaurant in Brooklyn

How many times have you thought that a Chanel product was so good you could eat it? Well, here's your chance.

The Parisian luxury brand is opening a restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, not to offer us burgers and pancakes, but to celebrate the launch of the Chance Eau Fraîche perfume. It has all the elements characteristic of Chanel boutiques and is decorated with pastel pink and green colors. The restaurant also celebrates the opening of their recently launched first Chanel beauty store, located just steps away. The temporary pop-up Lucky Chance Diner will feature multiple versions of Chance Eau Fraîche perfume composed by Olivier Polge.

Guests can enjoy not only floral variations of the perfume but also interactive games, vending machines inspired by the Chance fragrance, opportunities for photos with a life-sized Chance bottle, and traditional pastries and snacks. The retro-inspired concept will be open to the public from September 8th to 10th. "The Chance perfume universe is very joyful, optimistic, and colorful," says Barbara Menarguez, General Manager for Perfumes and Cosmetics at Chanel, to Forbes.


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"The perfume itself has a sophisticated lightness. We love creating experiences where our clients can learn more about the world of Chanel perfumes while having fun and feeling inspired at the same time. Williamsburg is the perfect place to create special Chanel moments for the new community and generation of Chanel perfume and cosmetics clients." The experience is free; however, reservations are recommended and can be made on the Chanel website.

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