Chess set infused with imagination

Picture this - you hear creaking of a bulky door, which someone is struggling to open...

Carpet shimmers in the light of luxury chandeliers that illuminate the entire space. At one end of the hall, there is a large, imposing figure, which seems to watch over the tenants, while the fire gently crackles and creates a warm ambience. In one corner, in a high chair an imposing view of human figure. His fingers intertwined in his beard, his eyes walking the line between opponents and stunning aluminum pawns he controls.

Between opponents and the man is ornamental, bulky set of chess, with a board that is so large that it acts as if it were part of the scenery. Giant Vintage chess set is a beauty, which represents a wooden board that is in perfect harmony with the enormous figures, made of aluminum, which fight their silent struggle over its surface. From this material dreams are formed!

Dimensions of this table are 73.75 cm wide x 36.975 cm diagonal x 13:25 cm height. Figures which march on this board in a constant struggle for supremacy are high as 12.5 cm to 20 cm. The price of this set is only available on request. The only question is - whether imagination, which is needed to create a beautiful set design is in included the price?

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