Decadent marathon for the ultra rich

With endless fleets of superyachts, powerful supercars and charming private jets, we are not sure that the richest people in the world walk our planet at all, let alone run…

As for walking - we can't say anything for sure on that topic, but when they are surrounded by butlers, private chefs, hydrotherapy pools and personalized training plans, the richest among us decide to run. The Highland Kings Ultra Marathon to be held in Scotland is proof of just that claim. This four-day camping race covers 200 kilometres off the west coast of Scotland, from Dalness to the Isle of Arran, where competitors gather to toast their endeavour during a gala dinner, with explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

Every wealthy person who wants to take part in this race must pay $ 21,500 to cover the costs of butlers, speedboats, cooks and hydrotherapy pools, accompanied by a seven-month training plan that will help them achieve top form, with the help of world champion Jonathan Albon and Ana-Maria Watson, a former member of the armed forces, ultra-marathon runner and coach. The director of the race, Rebecca Silva, told the BBC: “Luxury element is what makes this race different from all the others. It is intended for professionals who can afford it, want to experience adventure, but with a touch of luxury, off the beaten track and in the heart of the wilderness.”

She does not hesitate to say that this is the most exclusive, multi-day, luxurious experience, which is intended for those who want to "race like warriors and recover like kings". According to the organizers of Primal Adventures, a luxury travel company based in Sweden, the exclusive race will have only 40 participants who will be required to cross 50 kilometres of mountain landscape a day. The race will take place in April next year.

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