Luxury fashion brand Dior has launched a gardening set

"Close to the ground, I always feel safer," Christian Dior wrote in his memoirs.

Luxury fashion brand Dior has launched a gardening set designed to give the pleasure of using a premium plant care product. Dior takes planting to a whole new level with its latest calfskin gardening kit designed by Kim Jones as a tribute to founder Christian Dior, who was known for his love of gardening.

The set consists of a folding chair and two garden tools. The curves of calf leather, which serve as a seat, pay homage to the legendary Dior Saddle bag. On one side of the leather, there is a pocket with a magnetic flap where the owner can store small garden supplies.

In addition, the side of the seat is equipped with a pocket with a magnetic flap and 3 slots for holding garden tools, so you can sit comfortably while having all the essentials you need nearby.

Dior garden set, which is made in Italy, is complete with an elegant spade and rake. The handles of the tools are made of stainless steel and covered with calf leather, and each of them is engraved with the "DIOR" brand logo on the ends, which brings exclusivity to the tools.

Whether you're just starting to plant plants or you're already an avid gardener, you're sure to have fun with this Dior set. Available in beige and black, the gardening set costs €7,900.

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