Dream job alert: become a wine taster with 10.000 dollars sallary per month

Would you like to work from a beautiful winery, where you will be paid to taste the best drinks in the world?

If you’re nodding your head, we suggest you visit the Murphy Goode site immediately and submit your application! This Sonoma County winery is looking for candidates who want to work from the winery for about $ 10,000 a month, with an annual supply of Murphy Goode wines - you must be over 21 and have a license to work in the United States.

As stated in the official job description: “We have a job that will immediately catapult you into the wine stratosphere. Have you always wanted to live in the magnificent Sonoma Wine District, with a salary of $ 10,000 and no rent? Want to change your career and follow your passion? Do words like Cabernet, Pink or Chardonnay fill you with warmth? ”

In addition to wine duties, the job will also include “directing your career / life to create an adventure that you will forever remember in the wine industry, gaining strong knowledge on the subject of vineyards, wine production and wines in general”.

Applications for this job are open until June 30 this year, and if you are interested, we suggest you visit their website and submit a video resume before the deadline.

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