This jeweler and tailoring gentleman from Turkey, Ahmet Atakan has found a new way to increase his revenue intake – New Year’s or Not.

He has started making dresses in gold for the fairer sex, very short dresses. If it’s not your idea to spend money on a pricey watch, a Mercedes or a Hermès Birkin bag, here’s your chance to spend some of your moolah on a barely there sleeveless cocktail gold dress, it will cost you just £85,000 or approximately $140,000.

This quick attention grabber is made out of a 78,000 pieces of gold that’s woven into a meshy fabric. With a hemline so high and a neckline so low, the dress don’t need that much material to make, though it weighs 3 kilograms of gold.

So far Izmir-based Atakan has sold eight dresses, he expects sales go up and sell at least tendresses this year. According to him there is much demand for the no-frills yet very extravagant dress.

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