Electric fireplace for a truly warm ambiance


What to do when you don't have the space or conditions to install a fireplace? The solution is simple - LED wall fireplace...

Many people want a large fireplace in their home that will create a warm and cosy atmosphere. It is known that fireplaces bring a sense of comfort in a special way. So, what to do when you don't have the space or the conditions to install a fireplace? The solution is simple. You can get an LED wall-mounted electric fireplace, like the fireplace presented by DYNASTY.

The advantages and characteristics of LED fireplaces are that they are mounted on the wall. Electric fireplaces manufactured by this Canadian company have a unique LED light, a flame that looks fantastic like a real fire. The temperature is adjustable, between 16 ° C and 28 ° C. Another interesting feature is the timer that you can use to set your fireplace. There's no need for getting up, because the fireplace includes a remote control so you can do everything from the comfort of your couch.

The LED fireplace can heat an area of 300 square meters, while its electric flame works with or without a heater. These fireplaces have a very simple and elegant design and they are not bulky or heavy.

Each electric fireplace is handcrafted and the company claims that their craftsmen are "of the highest calibre". As for the installation, it is very simple. You can choose from several classic elegant finishes such as crystal black glass or natural stone frames including black granite, travertine, marble and white and grey limestone.

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