Gourmet treats for cats - 10.000 euros per year

Gurmanska poslastica za mace – 10.000 evra godišnje

British Banquet is made from the finest British ingredients and it contains Arenkha caviar, Devon crab, salmon from Scotland, and lobster from Norfolk, quinoa, organic asparagus and saffron ... but, it is not food for you, it’s for your cat!

Described as the most luxurious food for cats, this treat for your feline friends costs 300 euros. Actually, 2 kilos cost 300 euros, which means that one can of 100 grams costs about 15 euros.

This food will cost about 900 euros per month, or more than 10,000 euros per year. It does not contain genetically modified ingredients, additives, preservatives and artificial colors. Its flavor is excellent and is safe for humans.

It is a premium limited edition food for cats, and was created because of numerous requests by celebrities and rich people who wanted to honor their pets and give them the opportunity to enjoy the nicer side of life.

From Green Pantry brand, which is responsible for the creation of this decadence, say the price is quite appropriate, because it is a product that offers a number of nutritional options, which will help your kitty cat to be healthy.

These foods can only be purchased through their website, because it is not mass produced. Because of its costly ingredients, this food is produced as soon as you order it, and in a couple of days, it arrives at your doorstep. It’s good to be a cat these days.

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